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Humanidades e investigación científica

Una propuesta necesaria

Barcelona, Publicacions UB, 2015, 316 pp. 
The Humanities and Scientific Research
A Necessary Proposal (with Joan Guàrdia, eds.)


Preface - Prologue. Humanities and knowledge - Humanities and Science. The doctor's profession - Reflections on the autonomy principle, connectivity and technoethics - The role of humanities in economic research. Analysis, evaluation, proposals - Curiosity as a motor for research - Another brick in the wall? - Design and art: researchers that create, artists and designers that research. Research and creation at the junction between humanities and technology and between human sciences and natural sciences - How can you recognize a philosopher (in general)? - Humanising the economy - From science to literature. The road to law in face of uncertainty - Wandering psychology: from the humanities to health sciences through the social sciences. Where are we? - We are all letters: consecuences of the hermeneutic change on the articulation of knowledge - Some comments on science and knowledge - Science minus humanities equals zero - Genetic horoscopes - Research in human sciences - Science and literature - Looking at time

Carta a un estudiant d'humanitats

Badalona, Ara Llibres, 2005, 154 pp. 
Letter to a Humanities Student


Our choice - The issue of humanities - A brief history - Idea and classification of humanities - The limits of specialization - Memory - Reflection - Paying attention - Understanding - Judgment as responsibility - Imagination - The interpreting task - Narrative skills - The best books - Reading and writing - Listening and speaking - The plurality of viewpoints - A philosophical mind - Science and humanities - What are humanities good for? - Learning to choose - A letter by Petrarch - Professional issues - Tetralogy

Ara, la universitat

L'educació superior com a prioritat social

Icaria, Barcelona 2016, 127 pp.
Well then the University
High Education as a Social priority


Preface - Why we do not are the best? - For a university policy  Choosing a model - A flying to a North-American Campus - University's mission - Governance in discussion - Call this a good government - Owing to society - A defense of the institutional dignity - The value of attachment - Education as windows to the world - Research as water line - University and ethics - Universities of Catalonia - References

Tocar el món 

Introducció informal a la pintura 

Lapislatzuli, Barcelona 2016, 113 pp.
Touching the World
Informal Introduction to Painting


Preliminary - 1. Imagination is the art's fountain 2. Three types of painting 3. Abstract painting, a concrete art 4. Painting and philosophy 5. The beginning was light 6. The colors, light's passions 7. The supremacy of the color white 8. To paint is to wash out 9. Originality in question 10. Painting has to move people 11. The work has to be understood 12. Disposition to work 13. Material values and formal values 14. The power of composition 15. Believing in beauty 16. The need for perfection - Summary - Recommended reading - Images

Other Humanities Books

Filosofia per sortir de casa

Columna, Barcelona 2019, 245 pp.
Philosophy for Leaving Home


Introduction: Thinking through the eyes .- First part: What is Philosophy? (includes several topics related to philosophy as a free and creative activity: curiosity, inquiry, research, method, discussion, wisdom, happiness, travelling, humor, youth, creativity, profession…) - Second part: About the sentence “What it is, it is” (Parmenides) - Third part: About the sentence “Character is the Destiny of Man” (Heraclitus) - Fourth part: Truth is Somebody (mainly issuing on the current crisis of the truth, veracity, truthfulness, attitude, virtue, honesty, “post-truth”…) - Epilogue: Trespassing the gate

La Segunda República española: textos fundamentales. Selección de leyes, discursos y proclamas 

Barcelona, Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, 2021, 454 pp. The Second Spanish Republic: Fundamental Texts.A Selection of Laws, Speeches and Proclamations

The coming of the republic. The general republican politics. The debate about the autonomy. The new military order. The problem of religion. The educative change. The economic and rural reformation. The social transformation. The fight against fascism



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