Nonacademic Books

La vida avanza en espiral

Conversaciones sobre ética con mi nieto

Barcelona, Ariel, 2016, 174 pp. 
Life Advances Spirally
Conversations on Ethics with my Grandson 


Mario, approaching retirement, receives an unexpected visit from his grandson. In the ensuing discussion they exchange thoughts, advice, family secrets, experiences and relevant digressions concerning that which is good and that which is bad, personal responsibility, identity, consciousness, sickness and finitude. The shadow of a recent suicide in the family hovers over both men, and Mario reminds his grandson that, as Camus used to say, suicide is the only important philosophical problem... and the first option that we should discard.

Tallaferro & Tocafusta

O la dificultat de perdonar

Palma de Mallorca, Lleonard Muntaner, 2011, 192 pp. 
Tallaferro & Tocafusta
Or the Difficulty of Forgiveness


A fictional dialogue on forgiveness and its interpretations. 

El futuro empieza hoy

Manual de emancipación 

Barcelona, Proteus, 2010, 156 pp. 
The Future Starts Today
Emancipation Manual


1. The starting point: The restless self. The many-sided self of our age. The chain of generations. 2. The main goal: Leaving home. Steps to the majority of age. Work or Life. 3. The itinerary: Paths to emancipation. The will to independency. The liberation process. The personal autonomy. 4. The luggage: The Self-control. The responsability factor. Self-confidence       

Consultorio ético

70 casos de conciencia en la sociedad del cambio

Barcelona, Niberta, 2008, 219 pp. 
Ethics in the Consulting Room
70 Conscience Dilemmas in a Changing Society


Formerly published as short articles in the daily press, this book includes the reasoned answer to 70 personal consultations concerning the every-day practical ethics. Main topics included: Science, Communication, Education, Business, Family, Health, Private life, Politics, Civil society.


El somni americà

Un dietari a Berkeley

Barcelona, Proa, 2001, 129 pp.  
The American Dream
A Berkeley Journal


This is the journal of a Catalan professor during his visiting scholarship in Berkeley in 1997. Its pages are written under the impact of being discovering the cultural and the every day Californian life still in the Clinton era. The journal combines personal and folk anecdotes and chronicles shaped in the way of summarizing reflections. The author also compares the nowadays Berkeley with that of 1960 decade, when riots, flower-power fashion and critique distinguished the campus. In fact, Bilbeny dares to discuss in outline the main contrasts between the North American and the European mind.


Papers contra la cinta magnètica

Barcelona, Destino, 1985, 172 pp.  
Papers Against Video Tapes


The book consists of a set of reflections about the diminishing skills for literacy in our technologic world. Sentences and arguments are collected in combination with a lot of hints of Bilbeny daily life.

This book won the 1984 Josep Pla prize of Catalan literature.


Fraîcheur. Màximes i apòlegs

Barcelona, Edhasa, 1984, 134 pp.  
Fraîcheur. Maxims and Tributes


This is a diverse collection of free impressions, thoughts and comparative notes on beauty and aesthetics. These pages were written when Bilbeny was composing his doctoral thesis about Catalan Noucentisme.


Filosofia i destrucció

Barcelona, Edicions 62, 1981, 198 pp.  
Philosophy and Destruction


The first whole of free philosophical reflections of Bilbeny as a young intellectual thinking about the crisis of Marxism and the birthing Postmodern culture. Most of mature social and moral points of the author are foretasted throughout those 137 pieces.


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